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Spring Products And How To Wear Them: Make Me Up S06E1/8

In this new series of Make Me Up, Hollie Wakeham is back! Get ready for your runway with this fresh, spring catwalk makeup look.

Products from this video

MAC - Strobe Liquid
MAC - Face And Body Foundation
MAC - Pro Longwear Concealer
Illamasqua - Translucent Powder
Benefit - Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter
Smashbox - Suntan Matte Bronzer
MAC - Triple Fusion Highlighter
17 - Mascara
Benefit - CORALista A "Rio" Pleasure Face Powder
Revlon - Colorburst Lip Butter Berry Smoothie 50
Deborah Milano - Eyebrow Pencil
Make Up Forever - Brow Seal Transparent Eyebrow Gel

Beach Bridal Makeup: Wedding Belles S02 E1/8

What could be better than a dream wedding on the beach?! In this episode, makeup artist Lilly Keys shows you how to create a stunning beach bridal look.


It's true that you can transcend fashion icon with just 39 years ... hopefully 'Karl Lagerfeld' don't be jealous ... 
It was the first thing we thought when we saw to Rihanna wearing a Kate Moss t-shirt, but not designed for her; but with her own image ...

And no wonder ... Katherine Ann Moss London; since it was discovered in an airport with only 14 years she has continued to shine, disappointing and return to the throne  as the Phoenix of fashion ...

The Face, 1990

Kate Moss, 1995

Kate Moss, 2000

Short, thin, less exuberant than their colleagues Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell, but more real, more irreverent ... more "normal".

Con Naomi Campbell en 2001

Kate Moss, 2013

But far from wanting to do a tribute to Kate Moss ... still investigating the trend of t-shirts with faces of celebrities and ...

Rihanna also has her own...
Can you imagine her wearing her own t-shirt? better not, Rihanna overdose.
But there are more....

Cara Delevingne, 2013

...Cara Delevingne wear the T-Rihanna....

Rita Ora, 2013

... Rita Ora wear the T-Cara Delevingne...

Claudia Schiffer, 2013

... And Claudia Schiffer wear the Naomi Campbell t-shirt...

Incredible frenzy¡¡¡¡or it's a new trend or a new game that celebrities have not told us ...

And here in Spain our celebrities also follow the trend ...

Eleven Paris t-shirts

Take your 'celebrity' for a walk...

Maria Vi.


In our 'Instagram of the day', Alexa Chung shows us one of the dresses that take in Glastonbury (England).

We will be watching for more outfits seen in this festival of dance, comedy, theater, music ... and where; with already sold out, we will see very famous faces in the coming days ... will keep you informed. 

by Maria Vi.


You love summer festivals...and you know? You love show your outfit while standing in line to get in...
Well here's a post for you, and also for those who have not yet decided to go festival ...

The days of Woodstock are gone(Bethel, New York 1969)...with its three day claim "Peace & Music"...and unwittingly became a myth of rock festivals and the hippie movement.

Woodstock, 1969

Fan de Jimmy Hendrix en Woodstock, 1969

Woodstock, 1969

But despite the time, the seventies trend and "boho chic" remains today as one of the most repeated by the summer festivals addicts....

Janis Joplin

Who has not seen these days to exhaustion round spectacles identified both Janis Joplin in the 70's ...

Jimmy Hendrix en Woodstock, 1969

Or fringed jackets, tops and shorts Jimmy Hendrix wore at the festival that year ...
Coachella is our oracle to look at the coolest and most fun outfits and reloaded as they come ...don't forget that sometimes less is more.

Cowboy boots, leather hot pants or romantic, backpack, fringes, 'reflective' sunglasses, 'fedoras' is the 'boho chic" 
basic garments for the ' festival girl'.

Top models at Coachella, 2013

Coachella, 2013

And don't miss the pool party on the terrace of a hotel, on the beach ... like the Lacoste party celebrated past April in California.

 Lacoste party at Coachella, 2013

Alexa Chung at Coachella, 2013

Here in Spain we also have our own versions of summer festival ... global success; why not say ...

Blur fans at Primavera Sound, 2013

Kraftwerk at Sónar, 2013

And also looks nothing envy, rather defy international festivals ...

Primavera Sound, 2013

Primavera Sound, 2013

So then decide what will be your festival ... we suggest you some 'looks' if you have it still not clear ...

This summer 'dive' into music festivals¡¡¡ Dance dance dance ...

María Vi.


Have you seen our new Versus in Facebook? Today we offer you to enjoy the sea or the forest during the holidays ... have you decided?

Find these items in AbreTuCloset ... and if you have others in your closet you can not hesitate, sign up and place your items on the sales and hollow leaves that soon the new season ...

Maria Vi.

Classic Glowing Bridal Makeup: Wedding Belles S01E8/8

Looking for a natural bridal makeup look? In this episode of Wedding Belles professional makeup artist Lilly Keys shows you how to do a classic glowing bridal makeup look.

Products from this video

Chanel - Lift Lumiere In No. 20
Estee Lauder - Maximum Coverage In Creamy Vanilla
NARS - Pencil In Panama
Estee Lauder - Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara In Brown
Bobbi Brown - Eyeshadow In Flesh
Bobbi Brown - Eyeshadow In Cement
Collection - Eye Liner In Chocolate Brown
MAC - Mineralize Blush In The Soft Meow
MAC - Powder Blush In Smile
MAC - Powder Blush In Water Flower
Bobbi Brown - Lipstick In Pink Belle
MAC - Mineralize Skin Shimmer In Natural
MAC - Prep + Prime Transparent Finish Powder


Cara Delavingne and Rita Ora have been the host of the opening of the Artworks that DKNY; icon marks the 90's, held in London last week ...

Cara Delevingne y la rapera Rita Ora

And we told you already that invade us 90's.
Nirvana, the top models ... 

 Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer...en los 90's

Taking advantage of the return to the catwalks this season so irreverent; various artists of the 10 most innovative cities (NY, Paris, London, Tokyo ...) have reinterpreted his famous mural; that of 1992-2008 was part of the cityscape of Soho in New York.

Mural de DKNY en el Soho

Donna Karan began in 1989, and from the beginning was a success ... but these very glamorous collections were eligible only for a limited audience ... 
Thus arose DKNY, more comfortable, and accessible urban version.

DK was the champagne, limousines and sequins ... 
DKNY was the pizza, subway and jeans ...

Linda Evangelista para DK

DKNY en los 90's

This season we will see our closet have become very DKNY ... 
Glamorous dresses and sneakers (New Balance, Nike, Adidas ...) 
Sports Collections with luxurious fabrics (and it will ask Stella McCartney ...)

Street Style 

Stella McCartney SS13

Or the black and white DKNY took to stamp their logo and make them famous forever. 
If you're lucky and you still have some of their clothes, do not be surprised that someone chase you down the street ... because they have become objects of desire.

Do not miss the closet we have prepared for you with DKNY clothes, now converted in vintage items of desire .... 
Hurry it will not last long¡¡¡


Stay calm! Women and children first!
Delay until the 90's ... if the 80's were tough aesthetically and returned, 90's, would not be less!

And here they are, the New York Fall 2013 catwalks has shown clear signs of it, though, to our joy, deeply re-versioned.

90's represent the end of a textile era when fashion was a minority. It blurs the line between dress and fashion clothing to wear, which until then had differentiated to the middle class of the aristocracy.

The retail brans,  appear at low cost in large cities virally opening the door to a society that looked like clothing use and enjoyment rather than allowing it to embark on such a succulent and addictive as the market of aesthetic reinterpretation of oneself.

'Nouveau riche' avid of social ostentation,how well knew Versace, detected and captured in their collections.

Outbreak of psychosis comes LOGOMANIA and no shirt, underpants or belt that holds not XXL.

A time that moves to the beat of the heels of the new social phenomenon: the top models. Result of the middle class need to have some iconic references own, now considered an active part in society, fashion is democratized.

Turbulent years for designers who are threatening the reasons for their success so far: exclusivity. In parades photographers veto to prevent the progressive increase of the copies that reach the street through large chains that replicate the proposed designers immediately.

Moments of disenchantment calls generations X and artistic phenomena dubbed Grunge aesthetic that made a statement of intent.

Pendulan aesthetic minimalism with the baroque excesses of designers such as Lacroix and Versace, defended in front by Miuccia Prada and Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein, rebutting tops curvy, used as the image for their underwear line to a listless teenager named Kate Moss, still adding more items to the aesthetic duality in the nineties, comes the androgyny and extreme thinness.

And that was all that ...

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