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The Roman and romantic adventure "Roman Holiday" celebrate its 60th birthday this year. 

A classic film from 1953 starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, that catapulted the career of Audrey after getting; therewith, the Oscar for best actress.

Twist of fate; because it was thought at first to Liz Taylor for the role, but director William Wyler was fascinated by the natural beauty and simplicity of Audrey.

Not only he was fascinated for the actress, from the beginning Gregory Peck claimed that she has to earn just like him ... 

And from here the myth began to grow, one of the most important film divas which proved that elegance can not be bought.

Her simplicity and closeness love at half the planet, her sweet look and generosity put the finishing touch, a movie star who have never gone out of fashion, and all subsequent generations have continued relentlessly admiring and imitating.

How to resist a walk through Rome on a Vespa, dressed in the 50's.

Or surrender to this "pin up" chef...

With her we can remember the 60's style with these capri pants which she wore on multiple occasions.

Or with her 'mysterious spy' outfits on the film "How to catch a thief" ...

"Two for the Road" showed us 70's looks, shot in 1967. 
Audrey was already a mature woman and an experienced actress; able roles which starred here.

Without losing that natural sweetness and joy that all who knew her remember.

Fan of black, capri pants, turtleneck, bell dresses, the ballerinas, the cropped top, leggings ... a dictionary style that has been an important legacy for fashion.

A fashion icon; with looks reinvented endlessly inspiring trends and collections of fashion brands more relevant. 
The "Audrey Style" is already immortal.

María Vi.



Arrives July, discos open and all migrate to Ibiza ... famous, not famous, aspiring to it ... 
And all should go to Formentera, its paradise beaches with dreaming waters and magic of its streets and shops.

And that really know Inditex; so only until September, they has opened an Oysho pop-up store in Formentera, in case you forgot the bikini, hat or pareo ... and its beaches are irresistible.

Godmother of the opening was Eugenia Silva; pretty wearing brand ...

Nor missed the event the 'blogger' Gala Gonzalez, who doesn't hesitate to leave London if she has to support the Spanish fashion, although the tapas and cocktails walk to paradise convince anyone ...

They were also invited Jordi Lavanda; not allowed to see too, and Ana Rosa Quintana. 
All came to cry ... mojitos¡¡¡

The truth is that the place, Sant Francesc, and the white house with patio and wooden floors was spectacular ... and very tasteful island.

If you go around the island ... you know where there are bikinis always.

María Vi.

Source: facebook oysho,

Natural Neutral Bridal Makeup: Wedding Belles S02E5/8

In this episode of Wedding Belles professional makeup artist Lilly Keys shows you how to do a natural bridal makeup look. So beautiful, we can hear those gasps as you walk down the aisle already!

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From Barcelona reached this photo of the Mediterranean ... relax and curious to know who has posted on Instagram.

Her tattoo reveals, cause her boyfriend Calvin Harris portrayed throughout the etching process of the small pigeon on her Instagram. 
And who is Calvin Harris? with his European tour, has brought Rita Ora to Barcelona beaches ... after his "night session" as a DJ in a nightclub in the city.

He compared her girlfriend with Ursula Andrews in the legendary 1962 film "James Bond Dr. No".

It will be 'DJ love'...

María vi.

Source: @ritaora, @calvinharris.


Passion for Chanel...
The new addicted called Miley Cyrus...

After a few months ago; Rihanna succumbing to the luxury of the 'Maisson' French ... Miley shows us the results of a madness shopping in Instagram.

Two assistants were needed to help with all the bags; and she said: "The damage is done," and thanked Chanel for their attention.

Wearing Chanel clothes

And is that this girl has already amassed $ 120 million; and we have seen in a year how she has drastically become in an eccentric and unleashed girl ... is this the secret of his new success?

María Vi.

Source: @_mileycyrus_


The celebrities have come to envy us using their Instagram to show us where they passed great holiday. 
A cocktail, a yacht, a mansion ... in short, we settle for seeing and sometimes for a few laughs. 
This is the case we have very intrigued today ... who and where is this summery concoction?

Yesterday we told you in the blog, do not stop the 'Delevingne sisters', in this case the older sister Poppy boat and enjoy in the company of her couple; the model James Cook.

A walk through the beautiful Como lake is always a pleasure for the senses ...

Not all will be beach photos...

María Vi.

Source: @poppydelevingne.


He has left this photo on Instagram ... a mystery.

Sober clothes, many clutches and a fitted black dress. Who is going out? Where? ...

Beijing, China. Hair and makeup ..

And 'voilà', David and Victoria returned to the city where they met.
Participated in a television program in China, Victoria is ready to conquer the Asian country where her husband is an idol.

Victoria will be the image of Vogue in China this coming August, and sales of her fashion collection on the continent don't stop growing.

Is there anything this girl proposed and not get?

María Vi.


They are sisters, the father is a businessman and the mother is a personal shopper...and besides being top models, doing campaigns with the top brands; also have become "it girls".

Displaying the family photo, no one would imagined the popularity that these girls has reached.

They are influential people and among their many contacts, can also tell members of the British Royal House.

Poppy is the older; she's 27 years old and has a few in the fashion world. She has been the face of the more international brands campaigns; Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs ... she has walk down  in  the London Fashion Week runway and is an ambassador for Chanel.

Cara is the baby of the family; she has only 21, and as a runaway trolley is sweeping the catwalks and has surpassed in popularity to her own sister ... here the experience is not a degree.

She has been 'the face' of Burberry, Zara, Mosquino ... named the 'face of the year' by Vogue magazine and the 'model of the year' in 2012 at the prestigious British Fashion Awards. 
This coming winter we will see her in the campaigns of Mulberry, Saint Lauren, DKNY and Fendi.

Her roommates during fashion week have enjoyed her sense of humor; Cara always has some "hilarious" occurrence for the funniest coexistence

 @caradelevingne with Georgia May Jagger

Not spared from her Instagram hairdressers who prepare her to hit the catwalk.


That's the little model; funny, witty, cool, different and with a strong presence in the 'social networking' ... very important to be known. In her Instagram account has almost 100,000 followers.
Besides sisters and lead parallel lives; these girls also share friends ... Alexa Chung, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Georgia May Jagger.

Cara and Rita Ora

Cara and Rihanna

Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and Rita Ora

Alexa Chung, Poppy and Cara

Georgia May Jagger and Cara

Sienna Miller y Poppy

Let 10 looks with different styles of these two sisters ... 
Poppy has a 'British style' in which that pleasure is always hovering in the 70's boho clothes, music is very important in her life; that's why sometimes looks more and indie rocker look.

Cara is very young; and created a style followed by many. An urban British style, she's big fan of the 'biker boots' and sportswear. Shameless, bold and sexy flair ... nothing "girly" as opposed to her sister.

Watch out for this girl, that sweep with her image and personality ... she's still very young and maybe we will see her for a long time.

María Vi.


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