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It is the bloggers time, they showed us their dress up for this Halloween night. 
You're still in time ...

Natalia from German

Laura from London

British Kavita

Megan from Cornwall

Carmen Aussie stylist

Anila from German

Masha fron Berlín

Corpse Bride is ready to go out tonight. 
And you?



Fashion Fails of the Week

In this week's edition of fashion fails our offenders could have saved themselves with a trip to the dressmaker! We get that January Jones wanted to pay homage to her grandmother by turning her crocheted table cloth into a dress but it's just not working! We love the pop of skin thanks to the crochet-work, and if she cut this thing down just a bit it could have been pretty sexy! Then there's Rachel Bilson's spin on "Amish does the red carpet". If Rachel turned the Little House on the Prairie skirt into a mini, she could have been a winner this week! Last but not least, Julie Bowen! The Modern Family actress's dress length was all kinds of wrong! We are dying to take a pair of scissors to the bottom of this thing and turn it into the adorable shift dress it was meant to be!

How To Do A Modern 1950s Poodle Hairstyle

This season is all about big, bold, retro hair styles. In this episode of Hair With Hollie professional hair stylist Hollie Kiernan shows you how to do a curly 1950s poodle style updo.

Meet Naco Paris, a designer presenting his collection outside of Paris Fashion Week

" Ten years ago, Naco Paris, an agitated and rebellious designer, loved to challenge. In 2013, he maintains his punk spirit, presenting outside of the official Paris Fashion Week calendar and speaking frankly about the world of fashion today. Includes an interview with Naco-Paris.We met Naco Paris for the first time ten years ago…an agitator, a rebel, passionate about fashion and a dreamer, he dramatised his shows and his clothes, almost choosing to challenge the world of fashion rather than to please and to sell. Then, a lack of funds and visibility compared to bigger labels made him surrender and lay low before a comeback in 2012/2013, taking himself off the official calendar for Paris Fashion Week but maintaining his slogans which are this time funnier and present a mixed collection for summer 2014, mixing art, sportswear and sequins with humour and talent. Interviews : Naco Paris: Personally, I don’t create clothes according to gender or according to social status; I am free of all that, it doesn’t interest me, I design and people recognise themselves or not, so it was the same when it came to presenting the collection, especially if you have budget restrictions, you cannot compete with the big labels who host enormous shows and I said to myself, let’s do what we know how to do, which is something different, seeing as we are different and finally I invented a new vocabulary and for the first time, my work is really understandable. People understand it so I reused the label’s slogan, ‘Art is Resistance’, saying that is my way of resisting, to create fashion as I would art. But above all, we must never forget that it is a consumer product which must attract customers and sell itself and we have just opened more corners in the biggest department stores in the world to achieve this. The mass market, large consumer groups and luxury groups which have become ultra marketable; I have to find my place between all these and there was a time when I thought I didn’t want to take part anymore, so I said to myself, ‘if I continue it is for these beautifully made clothes but I will do this by contesting those things which I don’t like.’ I am very punk at heart, although this is less obvious than it was ten years ago but this spirit remains and I like to break down things in order to rebuild them and I believe that there is something to reinvent and that is the reason why I continue working today. Music free of right/ Bandit & Nikit 2012.

Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço wins the Marie Claire Prize for Emerging Talent

" Meet Pedro Lourenço, a young, 24-year-old Brazilian designer who is already very experienced; being the son of famous designers, he has basked in these surroundings from a young age. The Brazilian government has made him the global spokesperson for Brazilian fashion, whilst he has also just won the Marie Claire Prize for Emerging Talent, awarded to him in Paris. Includes an interview with Pedro Lourenço.Meet Pedro Lourenço, a young, 24-year-old Brazilian designer who is already very experienced; being the son of famous designers, he has basked in these surroundings from a young age. For the last four years, he has been used to presenting his highly successful collections in his own country but also in Paris. Whilst he is aided by the Brazilian government, who has made him the global spokesperson for Brazilian fashion, he has also just won the Marie Claire Prize for Emerging Talent in France. Interviews : Pedro Lourenço: My parents are fashion designers so I have grown up with them coming to Paris during Fashion Week, during ‘Première Vision’ and fabric research and all that. So, for me it was very natural to become a fashion designer, it was a natural process. My first show was for my mother’s second label when I was twelve, so it was pretty scandalous! And then I did three seasons for my mother’s second label and then I did four or five shows in Sao Paulo Fashion Week with my own label but it was more of a conceptual exercise, it was not something to commercialise but was the best that it could have been because I could really develop myself as a designer. In many looks we wanted to explore this concept of having part of the look was taken out so you had just a skirt and no jacket or just a jacket and a basque but you don’t have a skirt so that was part of the concept of the collection. This butterfly laser-cut is made with lamé crêpe; the shoulders are very 40s, the basque has a silhouette but I always bring in vintage references in an abstract and technological way and all the linings of the sequinned dresses and skirts, they also have this same laser-cutting technique so you really have this feeling that the clothes are fading away; you lose the fine line where the silhouette ends. Music free of right/ Bandit & Nikit 2012.

Dubai is poised to become a future fashion capital and delivers its Fashion Experience""

" Dubai attracted a large number of famous designers and celebrities for its first fashion week, destined to promote new, up-and-coming designers.Dubaï attracted a large number of famous designers and celebrities for its first fashion week, destined to promote new, up-and-coming designers. This event is organised as a new experience by Vogue Italia and its editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani and the charismatic Mohamed Alabbar, master-builder of dizzyingly tall skyscrapers and enormous malls in this city which emerged from the desert forty years ago… Six young designers, four of whom are from the Middle East, had the chance to present their own styles to an audience of professionals and VIPs, with a runway show held at the foot of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa… The event concludes with a sumptuous charity gala dinner, with a whole host of stars frequenting the red carpet,including Naomi Campbell, Roberto Cavalli, Donatella Versace, Karolina Kurkova and Clotilde Courau. Music free of right/ Bandit & Nikit 2012.

Brazil showcases new creations

" In Belo Horizonte, Brazil showcases new creations…Belo Horizonte, home to 4 million people and Brazil’s third largest city, known for its curved buildings by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, hosted one of the country’s most important fashion events with a focus on new, emerging creations seen across the work of four young and noteworthy designers… Firstly, we have Esdra by Sarah Scheffel who has been passionate about shoes since her childhood and has already gained international experience in Italy at Sergio Rossi. She is inspired by the Parisian woman with interplays of black and white stripes and hints of multicoloured embroidery. Femininity is enhanced by the use of lace and visible lingerie. Leather is adorned with metallic eyelets resulting in a more urban silhouette. Jardin, by Bharbara Renault, is inspired by Chinatown. Small plaited cloche hats crown the heads of the models and the designer works quilted leather to produce a tight-fitting dress, a jumper and coordinated outfits. LLAS is a label created in 2010 by sisters Lorena and Laura Andrade. These two young designers play with the effects produced by layering and transparency with embroidered tulle, creating a small yet utterly delicate and wonderfully constructed collection. Lucas Magalhaes, reworks an indigenous aesthetic for a graphic and colourful wardrobe. Across this event, one can only salute the initiative of the textile industry in this region of Brazil, which showcases a generation of promising designers, giving them the means to benefit from a project worthy of the most prestigious fashion weeks.


Do you have your fancy dress? 
Halloween is here...night 31th. 
Some 'celebrities' have already showed their costumes for this year. 
The trend? 'fast food' fancy dress...

Cara Delevingne

Harley Viera Newton

Alexa Chung

The model Joan Smalls brings a touch of color and fun dress up as 'little monster'.

Henry Holland as 'Bitelchus'.

Henry Holland

Daisy Lowe

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alexa Chung

But the undisputed Queen of the dress up is the model Heidi Klum ... every year celebrates Halloween with costumes that leave 'very surprised' to all attendees.

But we are also big fans of Marc Jacobs and his sense of humor, he leaves us amazed at the parties, is the master of dress up.

Camel claw


And if your budget is limited, a good and scary makeup like Alexa Chung or Cara Delevingne will be enough.

Night witches, the dead and ghosts ... Halloween wins fans every year. 

Trick or treat?




Live industry icon and 'bird of paradise' in the fashion world. Simply fantastic.

She has 92 years, the interior decorator amazes in the 'street style' with a wasteful personality.
She was the White House decorator for 9 mandates, from Truman to Clinton.

Her own home could be a museum in itself.

Iris becomes famous at 84; when the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York decided to organize an exhibition of clothes from her closet. However, Iris Upfer has been a celebrity  in New York society for 70 years; with its own distinctive style.

Iris Apfel and her husband Carl Apfel

Madame Upfel access and celebrated 'Rara Avis: The irreverent Iris Upfel' with 400 garments and jewellery, her funny and unprecedented wardrobe has been collected from the many trips she has made throughout his life.

Iris is today an indispensable woman at parties and the 'front row', illuminating each room with her looks and enormous glasses; she is a conversations and new technologies lover.

Designer of her own sunglasses collection, shoes and bags, fireproof and vibrant for many years...Iris. by Iris Apfel

 Rara Avis by Iris Apfel

 Rara Avis by Iris Apfel




The week has started; you also belong to the 'working class' and  are you 'petite'?

Then Miroslava Duma is like you.
Fashion editor, stylist and 'it girl'; with 28 years, every day goes to work and also arises what to wear. 
With its 1,55 tall and 38 waist; Miroslava is a 'petite' girl.

Which clothes choose to go to work? look inside her closet ...

The 'minivestidos' make her taller, with straight shapes gains elegance and simplicity.

She doesn't renounce to bright color, especially with flat shoes...become noted¡¡¡

Miroslava is a big fan of the 'cropped top', which lengthening to infinity her legs. Tights with the same color shoes; close the look and enhances this effect.

To go to work chooses a classic, the 'maxi-long' suit trousers which slims and lengthens her silhouette; and with high waist is the winning choice.

Petite and long skirts? of course, always with high heels and high waist ... couldn't be better.

Dress, tights, shoes in the same color ... 'monochrome game' never fails.

6 ideas for go to work in the Miroslava's of the 'it' that dominate the art of 'workwear' and inspires our looks.


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