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'Diana' is the name of the next film will star Naomi Watts over the last two years of life of Princess Diana of Wales.

 Bruce Oldfield dress

Based on Kate Snell's book published in 2001 'Diana: her last love'; narrated in her last two love stories. The first with the doctor of Indian origin Hasnat Khan, and the latter with Dodi Al Fayed Egyptian businessman. 
The date for the premiere will be on 13th September in London.

Despite the years that have passed, the 
memory of people is the image of an atypical princess, who was under trend and fashion icon inspiration for many designers.

Image of female beauty of the moment, and a pioneer in social commitment; the fight against AIDS, the mines 'anti-personnel' or volunteer for the Red Cross and many others. 
Took advantage of their position and their ability to influence society to sensitize many people who showed rejection of AIDS.

Since 1981; when she was named Princess of Wales, until 1997 when he finally died, was gradually becoming the most famous woman in the world and the most photographed in history so far.

Some of her clothes have been auctioned this past June, which in turn had sold the princess in 1997 to raise funds for humanitarian causes.

We hope to enjoy this movie with the most glamorous 'outfits' in recent times.

Bruce Oldfielfd dress

Victor Edelstein dress

Victor Edelstein dress

 Catherine Walker dress

The 'Maisson' Dior decided to rename its iconic bag 'chouchou' by 'Lady Dior' and recognize her magical influence in the fashion world.

'Diana had more than style. She had an inner light that shone. This quality transcended fashion '. 
Tom Ford.

María Vi.


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