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The Stan Smith, the hit trainers of the year.

The cult Stan Smith trainers make their comeback in 2014 with many successful collaborations, the latest to date with Pharrell Williams. Including interviews with Stan Smith, Sylvia Rielle (artistic director of Bill Tornade), and Simon Porte (founder of Jacquemus).
In 2011, the news came down like a bomb: Adidas would be stopping the production of the cult like trainers, the Stan Smith. But in fact it was to come back even better in 2014, with the representative himself Mr Stan Smith. Not only do the Stan Smiths always go with everything, they continue to draw in fans, from the street to the catwalk, and chosen by the designers as the urban shoe of today. Always seen worn by the shoe lovers, but also by the celebrities who don’t hesitate to wear them to all the occasions. Reinforcing the successful return of Adidas orchestrated through great marketing schemes. Today the Stan Smith have become the cool, urban trainer with multiple collaborations which are still going on, and the latest to date at the end of this year are the ones created by Pharell Williams. Interview: Stan Smith: It’s become a shoe of kind of a trendy fashion shoe, it’s been interesting to see the transition from the performance shoe to the original shoe for the everyday fashion kind of shoe, and it’s such a nice clean look I think that’s the reason really that it’s been so popular for so long, it’s a nice clean look, you can wear it with jeans, you can wear it with a tuxedo. Sylvie Rielle: These are the Stan Smith, there was a real drive in the sense that they really represent the feel of urban sport. Simon Porte: I always want to have a sport side, for me sport really means 2014, it means today, it’s now, it’s a girl in trainers, but I’ve been saying it for 4 years now it’s a girl in trainers.

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